Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Chapter 1 - History

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Presented here are the XML samples that demonstrate some of the different applications to which XML is applied.

Listing1-1.html   Movie data displayed as XHTML
Listing1-2.txt   MathML presentation elements
Listing1-3.txt   MathML content elements
Listing1-4.svg   A basic SVG document
Listing1-5.svg   Reuse within SVG
Listing1-6.smil   A SMIL movie presentation
Listing1-7.rdf   A RDF statement
Listing1-8.rdf   Alternate RDF syntax
Listing1-9.rdf   A RDF collection
Listing1-10.rdf   A statement about a collection
Listing1-11.rdf   A RDF statement about a statement
Listing1-12.rdfs   RDF schema example

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