Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Chapter 21 - XML Broker

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Delphi can use XML as the data transfer mechanism for MIDAS. Combined with Web Broker and InternetExpress you have access to your server database through a Web page, using XML behind the scenes.

MovieGroup.bpg   A program group for these projects
MovieServer.dpr   A MIDAS server to access movie-watcher data from the database
   The server's main form
   The server remote data module
   The server's type library and interface
MovieWeb.dpr   A CGI Web application to send the movie data to the browser as embedded XML
   The application's Web module
MovieWebI.dpr   An ISAPI version of MovieWeb.dpr, reusing the same Web module

This example requires the "movie-watcher" BDE alias for the tables from Chapter 15.

To deploy the application under IIS, copy the executable or DLL to the scripts directory. Copy the JavaScript libraries from Delphi\Source\WebMidas to the wwwroot\webmidas directory on the server.

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