Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Chapter 22 - XML Data Binding

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Data binding extends the common DOM framework to provide "real-world" objects, complete with properties, that represent the data in your XML document. A wizard generates the binding for you, allowing you to almost forget that the data came from an XML document. You can both read and update the underlying XML through the binding.

DataBinding.bpg   The project group for the data binding applications
DataBindingRead.dpr   A custom XML viewer based on XML data binding objects
   The main viewer form
DataBindingObjs.pas   The data binding interfaces and implementations
DataBindingWrite.dpr   An XML generator based on XML data binding objects
   The main generator form
   Database access and common XML constants for movie-watcher documents
movie-watcher.xml   The document to view
movie-watcher.xdb   Data binding definitions file

This example requires the "movie-watcher" BDE alias for the tables from Chapter 15.

Zipped Files (Delphi 6+)

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