Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Chapter 25 - Examination XML - Delphi Client

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A Delphi client for XML documents that define examinations. Microsoft's DOM provides the parsing abilities, transforming the XML into a customized object model.

WinExam.dpr   A Windows-based client for administering exams in XML documents
   The main viewer form
Exams.pas   Examination business objects
Exam.dtd   The DTD for the examination documents
ExamReview.xsl   An XSL transformation for the reviewing the examination content during development
DelphiExam.xml   A simple examination on Delphi
DelphiExam2.xml   An alternate form of the above exam that loads questions from external files
   The individual questions for the second Delphi examination
PythonExam.xml   A very silly examination on Monty Python's Holy Grail

This project requires the MSXML v3 or v4 package from Microsoft.

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