Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Chapter 26 - Examination XML - Web Client

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Demonstrating the separation of content from presentation, this application reuses objects from the previous version to provide a Web-based interface to the examinations. It uses XSLT to convert the basic XML into HTML for display, based on Microsoft's XSLT engine.

WebExam.dpr   An ISAPI Web application for administering exams in XML documents over the Internet using Microsoft's XSLT engine
   The application's Web module
Exams.pas   Examination business objects
Exams.html   The opening Web page for the exams
ExamIntro.xsl   The XSL transformation for the examination introduction
ExamQuestion.xsl   The XSL transformation for individual questions in the examination
ExamResults.xsl   The XSL transformation for the examination outcome
ExamReview.xsl   An XSL transformation for the reviewing the examination content during development
   Images used on the resulting HTML pages
Exam.dtd   The DTD for the examination documents
DelphiExam.xml   A simple examination on Delphi
DelphiExam2.xml   An alternate form of the above exam that loads questions from external files
   The individual questions for the second Delphi examination
PythonExam.xml   A very silly examination on Monty Python's Holy Grail

This project requires the MSXML v3 or v4 package from Microsoft.

To deploy the application under IIS, copy the DLL to the scripts directory. Also copy the DTD, XSL, and XML files to the same location. The GIF files need to be placed in an images directory beneath scripts. Transfer the Exams.html file to the normal wwwroot directory, and use this as the starting point for accessing the application.

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