Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
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Microsoft provides a COM-based XML parser and DOM, as well as an XSLT engine and a SAX2-compliant reader. They also have utilities for working with XML.

Due to licensing issues you need to download the various software offerings (all currently free) directly from their Web site. Also available are the Pascal interface units for the MSXML v4 package for Delphi versions 4 through 7.

XML Homepage (

General XML Downloads (
Including plug-in tools for IE to validate XML and show XSLT output.

Internet Explorer (


CUESoft provides a set of native Delphi XML components, including an XML parser and DOM, and an XSLT engine. These were commercial products, which were acquired by TurboPower and are no longer available separately.


TurboPower provides another set of native Delphi XML components, including an XML parser and DOM, and an XSLT engine. However, TurboPower has recently removed itself from the retail component market, and so the future of the XMLPartner product is unknown.

The XMLPartner code base has now been released as an Open Source project at SourceForge.

Open Source XMLPartner (

Open XML

Open XML provides a native Delphi parser and DOM - the XDOM package. It is free for download. Version 2.4 is used in this book and both this and the latest version can be obtained from the Web site.

Home page (


Another native Delphi parser, although non-validating, it is open source and free for download.

Home page (

SAX for Pascal

SAX for Pascal is an implementation of the SAX interfaces in Pascal. It is now a SourceForge project.

Home page (


XML Spy is an XML development environment. It understands XML, XSLT, DTDs, XML Schemas, and lets you create, validate and transform these documents. It is a commercial product.

Home page (

XML Cooktop

XML Cooktop is another XML development environment that works with a number of XML and XSLT processors. It can help you create, validate, and transform these documents, as well as explore the abilities of XPath. It is a free-ware product.

Home page (

Borland's Delphi/XML Community

Information and articles on Delphi and XML technologies.

Home Page (,1420,50015,00.html)

A site for information about all things XML. It provides introductions to XML technologies, articles on using XML, and links to XML specifications and software.

Home page (

Another collection of XML information. It also includes links to lots of XML-related software.

Home page (

Robin Cover's XML pages at OASIS

Introductions to XML and many links to related articles.

XML Cover pages (

XML Schemas Cover pages (

XSL/XSLT/XPath Cover pages (

XLink Cover pages (


XMethods is a repository of Web service definitions (WSDL).

Home page (

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