Instance Settings

A separate GSBlogbar instance is created for each targetted division and has its own settings:


currentResult | cycleMode | cycleTime | horizontal | linkTarget | manyResults | order | search | siteRestriction | title | verticalCompressed

horizontalbooleantrue Controls the orientation of the blogbar, being horizontal (true) or vertical (false).
verticalCompressedbooleanfalse Controls the how much detail is shown for a vertical blogbar, being titles only (true) or all details (false). Note that this setting has no effect on horizontal blogbars.
titlestring'' The title of the blogbar. It only appears at the top of a vertical blogbar.
string or string[]'jquery' The single term to search for, or a list of terms to cycle through.
siteRestrictionstring'' The URL of a Web site to restrict the search to. If blank there is no restriction.
orderenumeratedthis.orderDate Control the order of the results within the list. Use either ($.gsblogbar.) orderRelevance or orderDate.
manyResultsbooleanfalse Control how many results are returned, being few (false) or many (true).
cycleTimeenumeratedthis.cycleManual Specify the interval between cycles when multiple search terms are provided. For horizontal blogbars this is the time between individual entries, whereas for vertical blogbars it is the time between results for multiple search terms. Use one of ($.gsblogbar.) cycleVShort (3 seconds), cycleShort (3 seconds horizontal, 10 seconds vertical), cycleMedium (5 seconds horizontal, 15 seconds vertical), cycleLong (10 seconds horizontal, 30 seconds vertical), cycleManual (5 seconds horizontal, indefinite vertical).
cycleModeenumeratedthis.cycleLinear Specify the order in which search terms are used when multiple are provided. Use either ($.gsblogbar.) cycleRandom or cycleLinear.
linkTargetenumeratedthis.targetSelf Indicate in which window a blog entry should open. Use one of ($.gsblogbar.) targetSelf (the current window), targetBlank (a new window), targetTop (replacing all frames), or targetParent (the frameset parent window).
currentResultstring, object, element'' The jQuery selector, jQuery object, or individual element for the a container to show details about the current blogbar entry. If more than one element is selected, only the first is used. Note that this setting only applies to horizontal blogbars.

destroy | option (get) | option (set) | search | setDefaults

$.gsblogbar.setDefaults(settings)GSBlogbar object Update the default instance settings to use with all GSBlogbar instances.
$(selector).gsblogbar('option', options)jQuery object Update the settings for the GSBlogbar instance(s) attached to the given div(s).

options (object) the collection of new settings.

$(selector).gsblogbar('option', {search: 'cats', horizontal: false});

Since 1.1.0 - previously you used the 'change' command.
$(selector).gsblogbar('option', name, value)jQuery object Update a particular setting for the GSBlogbar instance(s) attached to the given div(s).

name (string) the name of the setting to change;
value (any) the new value of that setting.

$(selector).gsblogbar('option', 'search', 'cats');

Since 1.1.0.
$(selector).gsblogbar('option', name)object or any Retrieve one or all of the current settings for the first GSBlogbar instance attached to the given div(s).

name (string, optional) the name of the setting to retrieve; omit for all settings.

var settings = $(selector).gsblogbar('option');
var search = $(selector).gsblogbar('option', 'search');

Since 1.1.0.
$(selector).gsblogbar('destroy')jQuery object Remove the GSBlogbar functionality from the given div(s).
$(selector).gsblogbar('search', terms)jQuery object Execute a new search for the GSBlogbar.

terms (string) the keywords to search for.