Instance Settings

A separate GSBookbar instance is created for each targetted division and has its own settings:


cycleMode | cycleTime | horizontal | manyResults | search | thumbnailSize

horizontalbooleantrue Controls the orientation of the bookbar, being horizontal (true) or vertical (false).
thumbnailSizeenumeratedthis.thumbnailsMedium Control the sizing of the book thumbnails. Use either ($.gsbookbar.) thumbnailsSmall or thumbnailsMedium.
string or string[]'jquery' The single term to search for, or a list of terms to cycle through.
manyResultsbooleanfalse Control how many results are returned, being few (false) or many (true).
cycleTimeenumeratedthis.cycleMedium Specify the interval between cycles when multiple search terms are provided. Use one of ($.gsbookbar.) cycleVShort (3 seconds), cycleShort (10 seconds), cycleMedium (15 seconds), or cycleLong (30 seconds).
cycleModeenumeratedthis.cycleRandom Specify the order in which search terms are used when multiple are provided. Use either ($.gsbookbar.) cycleRandom or cycleLinear.

destroy | option (get) | option (set) | search | setDefaults

$.gsbookbar.setDefaults(settings)GSBookbar object Update the default instance settings to use with all GSBookbar instances.
$(selector).gsbookbar('option', options)jQuery object Update the settings for the GSBookbar instance(s) attached to the given div(s).

options (object) the collection of new settings.

$(selector).gsbookbar('option', {search: 'cats', horizontal: false});

Since 1.1.0 - previously you used the 'change' command.
$(selector).gsbookbar('option', name, value)jQuery object Update a particular setting for the GSBookbar instance(s) attached to the given div(s).

name (string) the name of the setting to change;
value (any) the new value of that setting.

$(selector).gsbookbar('option', 'search', 'cats');

Since 1.1.0.
$(selector).gsbookbar('option', name)object or any Retrieve one or all of the current settings for the first GSBookbar instance attached to the given div(s).

name (string, optional) the name of the setting to retrieve; omit for all settings.

var settings = $(selector).gsbookbar('option');
var search = $(selector).gsbookbar('option', 'search');

Since 1.1.0.
$(selector).gsbookbar('destroy')jQuery object Remove the GSBookbar functionality from the given div(s).
$(selector).gsbookbar('search', terms)jQuery object Execute a new search for the GSBookbar.

terms (string) the keywords to search for.