I live in Sydney, Australia, where I work for Nine Publishing as a JavaScript Developer.

Over the years I have contributed several jQuery plugins to the jQuery community. See the jQuery Plugins tab for more details. And I have written a book on developing jQuery plugins:

Earlier I used Delphi and JBuilder from their first releases and contributed many OpenTools to the JBuilder community. I was also a frequent contributor of technical articles to Delphi Informant, Delphi Developer's Journal, Hardcore Delphi, and The Delphi Magazine magazines. I wrote three books on these topics:

I also did the initial development for log4d, a port of log4j to Delphi, and SAX for Pascal.

I have dabbled with ambigrams too and dance a bit as well as write dances in Contra, English Country, Scottish, and Australian styles. I run a monthly series of dance workshops in Sydney.

I have produced two collections of Contra dances written by Australians and three collections of my own dances.

jQuery Plugins

I have developed the following jQuery plugins. View a timeline of recent releases.

Read about the plugin framework I use.

jQuery More
jQuery More (2.0.1)

jQuery Thoughts

This is a collection of thoughts about jQuery and its functionality.