Delphi Developer's Guide to XML - Appendices

These appendices include chapters from the first edition of this book. They were not included in the printed version for space reasons.

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Appendix A covers the CUESoft Document Object Model. Although this DOM is no longer commercially available, it is still in use, and forms the basis for TurboPower’s XML Partner suite.

Appendix B presents a program that performs mass electronic mail-outs by merging database information with a message template and sending these out using SMTP. XML is used to specify the configuration file as well as the message template, which allows for the embedding of values from database fields within the text. The template also includes the actual SQL query used to obtain the information in the first place. For processing the XML, Microsoft’s XML parser is used.

Appendix C demonstrates how to process XML documents into a customized client written in Delphi. The movie-watcher documents are used as the example, and are shown in a custom GUI with appropriate navigation links between the sections. The SAX for Pascal parser is used to process the XML, demonstrating an implementation of the IContentHandler interface. As a bonus you see how to set up your browser to automatically open the movie-watcher documents in the new client when they are downloaded.

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