Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API
Chapter 11 - Actions

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A demonstration of some of the various Action classes available in JBuilder. This example adds an Action Sampler entry (an ActionGroup) to the Tools menu.

  • Browser Title uses a BrowserAction object to bring up a message box showing the browser's title.
  • Metal L&F is a BrowserStateAction object that swaps between the Metal and native look-and-feels. If you change the L&F through the IDE Options or Preferences dialog, this action updates itself to show the new state.
  • Toggle editor background is an EditorAction object that swaps the editor background colour between white and yellow.

Zipped Files

Actions.jpx   The project file for this tool
Actions.html Project notes
classes.opentools The OpenTools manifest Defines the three actions and adds them to the menu
Actions.jar The packaged tool
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