Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API
Chapter 10 - The Browser

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The BrowserExplorer example illustrates how to interact with the Browser class.

Zipped Files

BrowserExplorer.jpx   The project file for this tool
BrowserExplorer.html Project notes
classes.opentools The OpenTools manifest This class adds a Browser Info entry to the Tools menu. When clicked it prints to standard output lots of details derived from the Browser class. This class enhances the caption of each JBuilder browser window to include a number indicating which browser instance it is. The number follows the "JBuilder n" version prefix, separated from it by a colon (:). It uses the BrowserListener interface to do this. This class is activated by adding a -browsertrace option to the JBuilder command-line. It then prints to standard output the occurrence of and parameters for each BrowserListener method called.
BrowserExplorer.jar The packaged tool
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