Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API
Chapter 9 - Utility Classes

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The UISampler example demonstrates many of the utility and UI classes available in JBuilder.

  • The Info tab shows off the Platform and JBuilderInfo classes. Details from these are displayed on the form.
  • The Colour/Image tab shows off the AuraImage, TexturePanel, ColorPanel, and ColorCombo classes. Selecting a new color updates the aura image. The color details are also displayed in the MessageLabel at the bottom of the form.
  • The Keystroke tab illustrates the KeyStrokeDialog, KeyStrokeEditorTextField, and KeyStrokeEditorPanel classes.
  • The List tab illustrates the ListPanel class through a customized descendent.
  • The Misc tab demonstrates several other classes, including EdgeBorder and LowBorder, ClipPathRenderer, Strings.StringEncoding, and DefaultDialog.
  • The Table tab shows the use of the TableSorter class to back up a JTable.
  • The Zip/CheckTree tab demonstrates the ZipIndex and ZipIndexEntry class. When you browse for and select a Zipped file, its directory entries are read and loaded into a CheckTree. If a manifest file is found in the Zip file, its contents are copied into the text area at the bottom of the form.

Some functionality changed between versions. These areas appear in the code marked with comments and the version to which they apply. Uncomment the appropriate sections for your version and comment out the others.

Zipped Files

UISampler.jpx   The project file for this tool
UISampler.html Project notes The frame that conatins the various UI elements being demonstrated A concrete subclass of ListPanel
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