Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API
Chapter 21 - UI Designers

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The IBXDesigner example shows how to add a designer within the Design tab for Java source files. It deals with components from the InternetBeans tab on the Component Palette (only available in the Enterprise editions of JBuilder).

PageProducers and IxComponents are added to the InternetBeans node in the Structure Pane with the latter beneath their corresponding producer. Activating the designer for one brings up the HTML page and locates the component within it.

Zipped Files

IBXDesigner.jpx   The project file for this tool
IBXDesigner.html Project notes
classes.opentools The OpenTools manifest The entry point for this tool - it registers the designer (itself) and adds the appropriate nodes to the designer Structure Pane tree The new InternetBeans node in the Structure Pane Components beneath the InternetBeans node The new design surface for these components - the HTML document
IBXDesigner.jar The packaged tool
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