Inside the JBuilder OpenTools API
Chapter 24 - Java Object Toolkit

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The JSPTagWizards example illustrates how to create wizards in JBuilder, and how to make use of the Java Object Toolkit to parse and generate Java files.

Zipped Files

JSPTagWizards.jpx   The project file for this tool
JSPTagWizards.html Project notes
classes.opentools The OpenTools manifest The wizard that generates a new class that implements the JSP Tag interface, with functionality selected by the user The first page for the above wizard The wizard that scans a project for classes implementing the JSP Tag interface, extracts their details, and generates a tag library descriptor file from them, after any modification by the user
TaglibDescriptorWizardPage*.java The pages for the above wizard
*.java Supporting code for this tool
*.html Documentation source for this tool
JSPTagWizards.jar The packaged tool
JSPTagWizardsDoc.jar The packaged documentation
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